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Speech and language therapy

Children develop communication skills at different rates

All children develop their language and communication skills at different rates. However at times children need extra support.

If you are concerned about one or several aspects of your child’s communication then you can ask to be seen by a speech and language therapist.

Speech and language therapists work with children with speech, language, communication and eating and drinking difficulties. In Bexley they work as part of the NHS in health centres, schools, children’s centres and child development centres.

You can contact the Speech and Language Therapy Service directly:

Woodside Speech and Language Therapy Clinic
Woodside Road
DA7 6LA.

Phone: 01322 521330.

Alternatively you can speak with your health visitor, GP or nursery staff, who may then make a referral for your child. You will usually be seen within 8-12 weeks of a referral.

You might decide to wait a while before seeking help. During this time you could use some of the ideas and tips suggested on this website. However if you are still concerned then do seek a referral. Speech and language therapists will see your child at any age with most children being referred before they start school. If a problem is identified, they will work with you, giving advice and suggestions for activities to develop your child’s speech, language and communication skills